Welcome to Prague

The International Conference on Indoor Air Quality in Heritage and Historic Environments, held in Prague, is the 11th in the series of meetings and conferences on this topic. Having commenced in 1998, the previous conferences were devoted to various aspects of Indoor Air Pollution: namely air quality monitoring, standards and guidelines and mitigation of pollutants.The main topic of the IAQ 2014 conference will be pollutants in the indoor environment, including synergy between pollutants and other parameters such as T, RH, and light in relation to corrosion and degradation of cultural heritage. Beside environmental monitoring, contributions on preventive modelling, simulations of sources and behaviour of pollutants in the indoor environment and pollution-induced corrosion and degradation mechanisms are welcome.

The IAQ conference series is traditionally attended by a varied audience of conservators, curators, scientists and other stakeholders.

The Conference will be held in Kaiserstejn Palace, an architectural gem situated in Prague’s Lesser Quarter. Originally built in 1654, it was completed to its current beauty in 1720, and is currently protected by UNESCO as a historical landmark. The Palace rests on land originally occupied by two ancient houses, first mentioned in topographies dating back to the year 1404.

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